Consumers are increasingly interested in healthier snacking choices, with Non-Palm Oil (NPO) products gaining traction in recent discussions. This trend is influencing consumer behavior and shaping market trends.

Too Yumm!, a brand under Guiltfree Industries Ltd. owned by the RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group, claims to have made notable strides in offering alternatives in the snacking sector. The brand introduced Multigrain Chips with unique flavours and adopted baked snacking products early on. According to the brand, their entire snack range has been free of Palm Oil since its inception, reflecting a broader industry movement towards sustainability and healthier snacking alternatives. This shift, as claimed by the brand, highlights changing consumer preferences and industry dynamics in the snacking sector.

“Our commitment to offering palm oil-free snacks, including our popular chips range has been unwavering. With the ‘No Palm Oil’ campaign, we aim to reinforce our position as the ‘OG of No Palm Oil Snacks’ and raise awareness about the importance of mindful snacking choices.”  Yogesh Tewari, Vice President of Marketing, Guiltfree Industries Ltd., said.

The campaign employs a multifaceted strategy, leveraging digital platforms to highlight the central message of No Palm Oil. This includes influencer marketing, a social media campaign featuring quirky posts and memes, and on-ground activations nationwide.


Sumber : Financial Express