DepartmentLevelOffice No. Fax. NoEmel
Office of The Honorable Minister 13 0388803307 03-88803312 ybm [AT] kpk [DOT] gov [DOT] my
Office of The Honorable Deputy Minister 12 0388803388 03-88803318 ybtm1 [AT] kpk [DOT] gov [DOT] my
Secretary General's Office 10 0388803334 03-88803345 ksu [AT] kpk [DOT] gov [DOT] my
Office of Deputy Secretary General (Commodities) - TKSU(K) 10 0388803367 03-88878206 tksuk [AT] kpk [DOT] gov [DOT] my
Office of Deputy Secretary General (Management) 10 0388803342 03-88878206 tksup [AT] kpk [DOT] gov [DOT] my
Corporate Communication Unit (UKK) 8 0388803322 03-88878205 ukk [AT] kpk [DOT] gov [DOT] my
Legal Unit (UUU) 8 0388803343 03-88803497 puu [AT] kpk [DOT] gov [DOT] my
Internal Audit Unit (UAD) 8 0388878251 03-88878207 uad [AT] kpk [DOT] gov [DOT] my
Integrity Unit (UI) 5 0388878316 03-88878205 integriti [AT] kpk [DOT] gov [DOT] my
Palm Oil And Sago Industries Division (BISS) 5 0388803366 03-88921701 biss [AT] kpk [DOT] gov [DOT] my
Rubber Industry Development Division (GET) 5 03 88803383 03-88921703 get [AT] kpk [DOT] gov [DOT] my
Timber, Tobacco And Kenaf Industries Development Division (KTK) 5 0388803313 03-88921702 ktk [AT] kpk [DOT] gov [DOT] my
Cocoa And Pepper Industries Development Division (IKL) 5 0388921621 03-88921704 ikl [AT] kpk [DOT] gov [DOT] my
Biomass and Biofuel Division (BBA) 8 0388803323 03-88878354 bba [AT] kpk [DOT] gov [DOT] my
Strategic Planning And International Division (PSA) 7 0388803407 03-88803415 psa [AT] kpk [DOT] gov [DOT] my
Human Resource Management Division (PSM) 6 0388803446 03-88803481 psm [AT] kpk [DOT] gov [DOT] my
Management Services and Development Division (BKPP) 6 0388803464 03-88803482 ppk [AT] kpk [DOT] gov [DOT] my
Innovation Promotion And Industrial Human Capital Division (PIMI) 6 0388878360 03-88878373 pimi [AT] kpk [DOT] gov [DOT] my
Accounts Division (BA) 9 0388878277 03-88878281 akaun [AT] kpk [DOT] gov [DOT] my
Information Management Division (BPM) 7 0388803423 03-88878334 bpm [AT] kpk [DOT] gov [DOT] my