-CORPORATE COMMUNICATION UNIT (UKK) is one of the units in the management sector that manages the delivery of information especially for the commodity sector.

-The unit is divided into 2, namely Corporate Affairs and Public Relations Section and Public Relations and Customer Service Section with a staff of 10 people.



The delivery of Government aspirations through professional and dynamic communication, in line with changing times.


To realize the vision through the Ministry's corporate affairs approach, media relations management, public relations management and information marketing of the Ministry through mass media, printed publications, videos, official portals and social media of the Ministry.


To preserve and enhance the Positive Image of the Ministry through an orderly public relations (PR) strategy and ensure the dissemination of information and messages reaches the target groups.



  1. As a focal point of the Ministry in conveying and disseminating information to the public and media about the Ministry.
  2. Plan and implement activities to improve the corporate image of the Ministry.
  3. Plan, implement and evaluate ministry communications / promotion / publicity plan.
  4. To conduct studies on the effectiveness of the ministry's delivery system and its agencies
  5. Manage and coordinate Ministry communications with the media.
  6. Assist in coordinating official programs of the Ministry and its agencies.
  7. Coordinate official visits to the Ministry.
  8. Manage complaints received by the Ministry.
  9. Manage matters pertaining to Ministry customer service.
  10. Monitor media issues related to the Ministry and its agencies.
  11. Implement customer satisfaction surveys.  

-Coordinate Customer Complaints

-Ensure that all customer complaints are provided:

1. Declaration of receipt within one (1) day;

2. Initial feedback within five (5) days; And

3. Resolved within 15 days for complaints that do not involve policy matters.



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