Biomass and Biofuel Division (BBA) is responsible for planning, coordinating, implementing and monitoring activities and functions related to the development of biofuel industries.

The division is divided into three (3) units :

  • Policy & Advisory Services Unit
  • Licensing Unit
  • Enforcement and Prosecution Unit


The Biofuel Division was established under the Ministry of Plantation and Commodities to implement and execute the Malaysian Biofuel Industry Act 2007 and its subsidiary legislations.



  • Formulate policies - To study and formulate policies on the biofuel industry which includes reviewing laws and regulations related to the biofuel industry from time to time.
  • Licensing - To register and issue biofuel licenses for biofuel activities such as commence to construct biofuel plant, to produce, to blend, to export , to transport,  to store, to survey and to test biofuel.
  • Enforcement - To regulate the biofuel industry mainly by performing enforcement activities such as gathering information, investigation, operations, compound and prosecutions.
  • Promoting the development of biofuel industries - To promote the development of the biofuel industry by giving advice to individuals or corporations interested to venture into the biofuel industry.
  • Coordinating and analyzing data - Record and organizing licensing database for reference by  Ministries, agencies and industry.





MPIC is collaborating with  Malaysia Palm Oil Board (MPOB) to pioneer researches and implementation of the National Biodiesel Programme to a higher level. A special group of biodiesel researchers coordinated by the Energy & Environment Unit, Engineering & Processing Division, MPOB is conducting various RnD starting from 1986 before the National Biofuel Policy and  Malaysian Biofuel Industry Act 2007 being developed.

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The Malaysian Biofuel Industry Act 2007 (Act 666) is a legal instrument to regulate the country's biofuel industry and provides for the mandatory use of biofuels, licensing of activities related to biofuels and related matters.

Regulations under the Malaysian Biofuel Industry Act 2007 (Act 666) are as follows:

  • Malaysian Biofuel Industry (Licensing) Regulations 2008 – PU(A) 404
  • Malaysian Biofuel Industry (Blending Percentage and Mandatory Use) Regulations 2019 – PU(A) 27
  • Malaysian Biofuel Industry (Blending Percentage and Mandatory Use) (Amendment of Schedule) Regulations 2019 – PU(A) 129
  • Malaysian Biofuel Industry (Compounding of Offences) Regulations 2021 – PU(A) 13

Biofuel Division (BBA)
Ministry of Plantation and Commodities
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Persiaran Perdana, Precint 2,
62654 W.P Putrajaya.
Telephone: 603-88803323
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